Africa outside the Great Lakes Region

Meagre arms seizure off the Horn of Africa
As part of an expensive operation, western warships have for two years hunted gunrunners and terrorists off the Horn of Africa. However, virtually nothing has been seized (Danish daily Information, January 27, 2004)

Unguarded ports open for any business
The fight against illegal arms dealers and terrorists should be fought from small boats - and in ports, experts say. Wide open ports make it possible to land anything on the shores of East Africa (Danish daily Information, January 27, 2004)

Half-hearted anti-terrorism efforts
In spite of solemn statements, western warships and soldiers in East Africa have displayed a selective interpretation of the need of fighting terrorism and illegal arms trade (Danish daily Information, January 27, 2004)

US Plan to Feed Sudan Rebels Rapped, Aid Groups Foresee Prolonged War
The US legislation authorizing food aid to Sudanese rebels has elicited warnings from humanitarian agencies that food deliveries could jeopardize aid operations and ''put aid workers at risk''(The Boston Globe December 6, 1999)