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This website features articles, primarily on the region of Africa called the Great Lakes, written by journalist Bjørn Willum


The latest articles in English are:

Build us roads again - and again
Road funds. Researchers believe that the EU is spending money on expensive road improvements in Africa, well knowing that most recipient countries will be unable to maintain them properly. No, says the EUís Commissioner for Development and Humanitarian Aid, Poul Nielson, the political will is there you know (Danish Udvikling [Development, published by Danida], April 2004, English translation by GTZ)

Did Annan shut down terror investigation?
It appears that UN Secretary General Kofi Annan was himself implicated when a UN chief prosecutor shut down an investigation of the terrorist attack that ten years ago to the day sparked the Rwanda genocide. Annan spokesman rejects claims (Danish daily Information, April 6, 2004)

Phone call from Rwanda
The day Michael Hourigan borrowed the US embassyís phone to tell his boss about the breakthrough in the investigation into the terrorist act that triggered the greatest mass murder of modern times, he probably set in motion a chain reaction he had never dreamt of. A few weeks later the investigation had been suspended. The powers above him in the UN had decided that the truth of the Rwandan genocide could not bear the light of day (Danish daily Information, April 6, 2004)

One minute of silence (leading article)
One minute of silence. That is what UN Secretary General Kofi Annan wants all human beings to observe Wednesday at noon local time in each time zone in respect of the victims of the most comprehensive and efficient mass murder of modern times (...) (Danish daily Information, April 6, 2004)

Meagre arms seizure off the Horn of Africa
As part of an expensive operation, western warships have for two years hunted gunrunners and terrorists off the Horn of Africa. However, virtually nothing has been seized (Danish daily Information, January 27, 2004)

Unguarded ports open for any business
The fight against illegal arms dealers and terrorists should be fought from small boats - and in ports, experts say. Wide open ports make it possible to land anything on the shores of East Africa (Danish daily Information, January 27, 2004)

Half-hearted anti-terrorism efforts
In spite of solemn statements, western warships and soldiers in East Africa have displayed a selective interpretation of the need of fighting terrorism and illegal arms trade (Danish daily Information, January 27, 2004)


Read the latest articles in English from my reporting trip to DR Congo, Rwanda, and Uganda in September and October 2003:

EU critisism of Rwanda election
Election observers yesterday criticised the handling of the parliamentary election. There were reports of election fraud and threats against the opposition but the EU refused to take a stance on the validity of the poll (Danish daily Information October 4, 2003, written in co-operation with Annegrethe Rasmussen)

Distrust sparked low turnout
Election observers, diplomatic sources and voters reported a low turnout at yesterday's parliamentary election in Rwanda in protest against exclusion of opposition candidates (Danish daily Information October 1, 2003)


Other articles in English are:

Rebel Leader Confirms What Western Donors Deny: Uganda Plunders Congo
Both Uganda and Rwanda use their extensive military presence in Congo to exploit that country financially, rebel leader Wamba Dia Wamba tells Aktuelt (Danish daily Aktuelt January 22, 2001, by Gunnar Willum)

Civil War Financed by Diamonds and Donors: Struggle for the Treasures Below
The diamond trade in Congo goes on undisturbed by the war. It is a profitably business, which furthermore helps financing the war ( Danish daily Aktuelt January 18, 2001)

Is Congo Without Kabila?
Last night a Congolese Ambassador once again asserted that President Laurent Kabila was alive, albeit badly injured (Danish daily Aktuelt January 18, 2001)

ICTR Prosecutor Rejects Allegations of Kagame Arrest Warrant
The Chief Prosecutor at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) on Friday rejected allegations that a French judge is planning to call for an international arrest warrant against Rwandan President Paul Kagame (...) (The Rwanda Newsline October 30, 2000)

Eyes in the Sky: In Service of Humanity?
The U.S. Ambassador had a few photos in her diplomatic bag. At first glance, the photos-depicting a field where a large hole was being dug with an excavator and oblong objects neatly lying next to the hole-were of little interest to the diplomatic corps (...) (Imaging Notes September/October 2000 issue)

The West Did Not Learn from Rwanda: Ill-Fated Peace Agreement
Seven years ago in the dusty Tanzanian town Arusha, an optimistic international diplomatic corps witnessed that the government in the small Central-African country Rwanda signed a peace agreement with the rebel movement Rwandan Patriotic Front (....) (Danish daily Aktuelt August 29, 2000, written in co-operation with Gunnar Willum)

World Bank Awards Illegal Financing of Army: Uganda Encouraged to Pillage Congo
Uganda resorts to extra-budgetary financing of its military by plundering gold- and diamondmines in neighboring Congo. The World Bank, however, claims that Uganda is living up to donor conditions of not spending more than 2 percent of the country's Gross Domestic Product on the military. Therefore Uganda has become the first country in the world to be nominated for debt relief amounting to 2 billion dollars (Danish daily Aktuelt June 17-18, 2000)


Foreign Aid to Rwanda:
Purely Beneficial or Contributing to War?

Read how the Rwandan mafia, known as the Akazu, uses foreign aid and Congolese resources to keep itself in power. In my Candidate Degree dissertation, I also document how official records prove that Rwanda exports coltan, gold, and diamonds in volumes that are not matched by its domestic production.