Did Annan shut down terror investigation?
It appears that UN Secretary General Kofi Annan was himself implicated when a UN chief prosecutor shut down an investigation of the terrorist attack that ten years ago to the day sparked the Rwanda genocide. Annan spokesman rejects claims (Danish daily Information, April 6, 2004)

Phone call from Rwanda
The day Michael Hourigan borrowed the US embassy’s phone to tell his boss about the breakthrough in the investigation into the terrorist act that triggered the greatest mass murder of modern times, he probably set in motion a chain reaction he had never dreamt of. A few weeks later the investigation had been suspended. The powers above him in the UN had decided that the truth of the Rwandan genocide could not bear the light of day (Danish daily Information, April 6, 2004)

One minute of silence (leading article)
One minute of silence. That is what UN Secretary General Kofi Annan wants all human beings to observe Wednesday at noon local time in each time zone in respect of the victims of the most comprehensive and efficient mass murder of modern times (...) (Danish daily Information, April 6, 2004)

EU criticism of Rwanda election
Election observers yesterday criticised the handling of the parliamentary election. There were reports of election fraud and threats against the opposition but the EU refused to take a stance on the validity of the poll (Danish daily Information October 4, 2003, written in co-operation with Annegrethe Rasmussen)

Distrust sparked low turnout
Election observers, diplomatic sources and voters reported a low turnout at yesterday's parliamentary election in Rwanda in protest against exclusion of opposition candidates (Danish daily Information October 1, 2003)


On the occasion of the award of the Nobel Peace Prize to Kofi Annan and the UN, I have created a timeline that summarizes how the scandal of Annan's suppression of Genocide warnings has unfolded


Candidate Degree dissertation submitted October 22, 2001 - 'Foreign Aid to Rwanda: Purely Beneficial or Contributing to War?' - Read how the Rwandan mafia, known as the Akazu, uses foreign aid and Congolese resources to keep itself in power. I also document how official records prove that Rwanda has an export of coltan, gold, and diamonds that does not match its domestic production.

The West Did Not Learn from Rwanda: Ill-Fated Peace Agreement
Seven years ago in the dusty Tanzanian town Arusha, an optimistic international diplomatic corps witnessed that the government in the small Central-African country Rwanda signed a peace agreement with the rebel movement Rwandan Patriotic Front (....) (Danish daily Aktuelt August 29, 2000, written in co-operation with Gunnar Willum)

500,000 Refugees Disappeared in One Day
Information about the massacres of refugees in the former Zaire in 1996 was never released. The United States was involved in keeping the information secret, says an official in the US Department of State (Danish daily Information July 25, 2000, by Gunnar Willum)

Legitimizing Inaction Towards Genocide in Rwanda: A Matter of Misperception?
Back in 1996 Gunnar Willum and I spent half a year investigating the role of the UN Secretariat in the Rwanda Genocide. First and foremost our research resulted in a series of articles in the Danish daily Information. Eventually, however, the research was used by Bjørn Willum for his Bachelor dissertation, which in turn formed the basis for an article published in International Peacekeeping in September 1999.
The publisher, Frank Cass, has kindly permitted me to make this article available for download

Rwanda Report Could Have Saved Lives
Publication of a report could have prevented massacres in Zaire, says Rwanda expert (Danish daily Information June 28, 1999, written by Gunnar Willum)

Boutros-Ghali Misinforms on Rwanda
New evidence proves that UN Secretary-General Boutros-Ghali tried to cover up that his Secretariat stopped crucial information in early 1994 about the genocide in Rwanda (Danish daily Information November 19, 1996, written in co-operation with Gunnar Willum)

The History of a Verified Genocide
To please the United States and France the UN Secretariat deliberately withheld information on the impending genocide in Rwanda - also after it had started (Danish daily Information November 16, 1996, written in co-operation with Gunnar Willum)