Imaging Satellites

Eyes in the Sky, In Service of Humanity?
The U.S. Ambassador had a few photos in her diplomatic bag. At first glance, the photos-depicting a field where a large hole was being dug with an excavator and oblong objects neatly lying next to the hole-were of little interest to the diplomatic corps (...) (Imaging Notes September/October 2000 issue)

From Kosovo to Chechnya, Selling Images from Above
As Russian forces continue their efforts to regain control over the breakaway republic of Chechnya, fleeing refugees continue to tell stories of indiscriminate shelling, looting, and other human-rights abuses. But Moscow maintains its troops only target "terrorists" and that it is doing all it can to prevent civilian casualties (...) (Christian Science Monitor November 30, 1999)

Monitoring of Human Rights Abuses with Satellite Imagery: Myth or Reality?
Unpublished dissertation submitted for the Degree of Master of Arts in War Studies, The Department of War Studies King's College London (United Kingdom) September 1, 1999