Rebel Leader Confirms What Western Donors Deny: Uganda Plunders Congo
Both Uganda and Rwanda use their extensive military presence in Congo to exploit that country financially, rebel leader Wamba Dia Wamba tells Aktuelt (Danish daily Aktuelt January 22, 2001, by Gunnar Willum)

Uganda 'Plunders' DRC, Rewarded by World Bank
This rather uncharitable article on Uganda's involvement in Congo by freelance journalists GUNNAR WILLUM and BJØRN WILLUM was published in Aktuelt of Denmark June 17. We reproduce it virtually unedited to give readers a feel of what the feeling is in some circles about Uganda's exploits in Congo (Ugandan daily The Monitor June 21, 2000)

World Bank Awards Illegal Financing of Army: Uganda Encouraged to Pillage Congo
Uganda resorts to extra-budgetary financing of its military by plundering gold- and diamondmines in neighboring Congo. The World Bank, however, claims that Uganda is living up to donor conditions of not spending more than 2 percent of the country's Gross Domestic Product on the military. Therefore Uganda has become the first country in the world to be nominated for debt relief amounting to 2 billion dollars (Danish daily Aktuelt June 17-18, 2000)